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Ken Gosnell

"Reading Scott's book is like taking a step into heaven. This practical guidebook will help leaders who wish to make more of their work the work of God. The Yakabod story brings glory to God and will bring encouragement to the soul of any Christian leader who will follow its path along the journey of decisions, insights, and inspirational challenges.

I couldn't put the book down, and I was captivated by the business insights and biblical wisdom that I found in each story and on every page of the book. This book needs to be in the hands of every leader in every community. Well Done."

Ken Gosnell Founder of CEO Experience
Author of Well Done: 12 Biblical Business Principles for Leaders to Grow Their Business with Kingdom Impact

Emma Morris

"Scott has shared from his heart not only the wins, but more importantly, where he tried to do things his way instead of His way, all with ‘sit on the edge of your seat' storytelling.

As a long-time Board member, I’ve heard many of the stories - and still found myself reading excitedly to see how things turned out! Scott is willing to be vulnerable which makes his counsel more real. Scott tells the true story of growing a company that honors God, not Scott."

Emma Morris
Executive Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, and Principal, The Morris Group
Author of Wingtips for Women

David Weigelt

"As someone who gets to walk with business leaders on their journey to realizing their business as ministry, At Work as in Heaven, is a game-changer. Most Christian business leaders have a heart for honoring God through their work.

At Work as in Heaven helps us understand the difference of doing business for God verses with God. A practical road map, Scott lays out how we can build and run businesses that look more like the Kingdom of Heaven than the kingdom of this world.

Be warned - especially seasoned business leaders - this book will challenge your thinking when it comes to long term business ideas such as “cash is king.” What I love most about this book is how it reframes what it means to be a “Christian business” (which Scott would argue should not be the goal) in a way that is as attractive and compelling to a non-believer as it is for the follower of Christ. At Work as in Heaven will be my gift and required reading for all C12 CEOs in Maryland.

David Weigelt
Principal Chair, C12 Maryland Former President and Co-Founder, Immersion Active Inc.

"While his thoughts are weighty and eloquent, [Scott's] style of communication is clear and approachable... If you are a person of faith who has hopes for or is currently living out a marketplace ministry, I cannot express how helpful this book will be to you as you aspire to see more of the Kingdom expressed through your marketplace calling. Likewise, if you are a pastor or Christian leader wanting to better serve the entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders in your fold, consider this walk into the life and mind of a man who has walked that road. I am sure it would be quite helpful both for gaining personal perspective or as a study resource for a small group."


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