We’re about to start a new content series, but first, let’s wrap up the current one. Now, if you’ve been following along, you know we’ve posed the question:  True or False: God and business don’t mix.  Corporate America tells us you can’t mix ’em. Many politicians say they don’t mix. Even your pastor might advise … Read more

Businessman with Bible

I wrestled with this topic early in my faith journey. Many of you probably have too. That’s because a big swath of corporate America will tell you the topics simply don’t mix. That God has no place in your workplace. If your workplace is with the Government, they’re probably even more adamant in that stance.  … Read more


If you’ve been following along with our recent content series, you know the answer by now. A Kingdom business is NOT the same as a Christian business. If you’ve missed the prior content, you can see the videos and the original poll/response here. The reason they are different is that Kingdom and Christian describe different … Read more

Jim was a maintenance worker at a regional county park featuring a small lake in a woodland setting. Being a fisherman, Jim loved that job, but one day the county government reassigned him to janitorial duty at a middle school some distance away. After seeking the Lord in prayer, Jim resolved that if his new … Read more

This photo shows the progression of Scott and Manny's life together.

I’m not wading into the controversy on this one. That’s not my (public) calling. Our company doesn’t actually have a direct response to the current headlines and we’re not doing anything different than we have been all along. Likewise, I’m not making any direct statement through this post, on this forum, regarding your situation or … Read more

Well, I recently had an encounter that proved I must really be called to this Kingdom business thing. Specifically, an unnamed business intentionally inconvenienced the customer (namely me), for their own self interest and convenience. They said one thing, but did another. Later, when confronted, they claimed there were extenuating circumstances (which may or may … Read more

I know Memorial Day is a day to honor those who’ve fallen in service of our great country. But even those who come home alive from war, or serve in peacetime, sacrifice much in the process. In that spirit, I’d like to honor the forefathers in my family who served through the horrors of war, … Read more

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I talk a lot in the book about partnering with God. That starts with listening to Him, talking to Him, building an ongoing intimate relationship with Him. I gave some practical examples in the book for how that works in a business context.  One of the ways the Lord leads me personally is by giving … Read more

[From Frederick’s National Day of Prayer] Let’s start with this, you might know this one, feel free to join me and pray along: Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be your name, your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and … Read more

No surprise, Elon Musk has been in my feeds a lot lately. I was curious about the business implications of this whole Twitter takeover, so I clicked on a few articles. You know the way it works. Next thing all my feeds are full of Elon, and Youtube is blaring notifications for dozens of Elon … Read more