At Work as in Heaven

Scott Ryser's Groundbreaking Book About Faith in the Workplace

Does Your Sunday Matter on Tuesday?

Company-builder Scott Ryser grew up going to church every week, but never knew God. When Scott finally gave his life to Jesus in 1995, he knew he was making a decision about his Tuesday, not just his Sunday. Since then, Scott has spent most of his time wrestling with the practical challenges of living out his faith at work every day

When the opportunity to start his company arose, Scott named it Yakabod, meaning “God’s glory," pushing into the question “Is it even possible for a company to give God glory?” And not by doing church stuff at the office, but by doing work in a way that glorifies God. As Scott slowly made progress, the Lord interjected with a much bigger question: “Is it possible to partner with God at work every day?” At this point, Scott began to realize the Lord plays by a completely different set of rules, and things just work differently in His Kingdom. This ultimately led to the Lord proposing an even bigger question: "Can a company look more like the Kingdom of Heaven?"

At Work as in Heaven is the compelling story of Scott’s decades-long adventure to find this out. What he learned through the ups and downs, defeats and victories, twists and turns, could very well change your company, and your Tuesday too. Inside you'll find:
  • A practical guide to help Christian business leaders authentically live out their faith at work.
  • A paradigm-shifting approach to Christian marketplace ministry.
  • Transparent, story-driven business wisdom benefitting those of all faith perspectives.

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