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I grew up in small-town Middle America, attended church every Sunday, sang in the choir, and hung out with church kids all weekend… yet I never knew Jesus.
In my late twenties, when desperate circumstances forced me to confront my standing with God, I knew I was not making a decision about going to church. I’d done that.
If choosing faith did not work on Tuesday, I had no reason to bother with acting the part on Sunday. So when I made the decision to give my life to Jesus, I knew I was deciding to live life—my whole life—from an entirely different perspective. Given my entrepreneurial bent, my main question in prayer soon transformed into, “How can I glorify God at work?”


My quest started during the dot-com domain-name land grab days, when everyone was creating unusual company names. I followed suit, diving deep into a concordance, and emerged with what was the core concept I wanted my company to be built upon: the company name Yakabod—an Old Testament Hebrew transliteration meaning “God’s glory.” I wanted a constant reminder that the purpose of the company wasn’t about me, but about Him.
Before long, our Heavenly Father made it very clear the time had come to progress from our words and actions being our testimony, to His very presence being our testimony. In other words, it was time to move beyond doing things for Him, and time to start doing things with Him. This in turn raised a completely new set of questions, starting with: “Can we partner with God at work?”
It turns out we can!


Which leads us to At Work as in Heaven. This is not a book about “why” you’d want to live out your faith at your workplace. This is a book about “how.”
The main premise of this book is that things work differently in God’s Kingdom—the Kingdom of Heaven—than they do in this world. Jesus’ entire ministry was premised on bringing God’s Kingdom to us here and now.
Not just in a church somewhere.
No, Jesus made it entirely possible to live God’s Kingdom in your workplace as it is in Heaven. I understand this may be a radically new or even audacious concept to many readers as it surely was to me early in my journey.
Please understand, this is not a preachy book.
In fact, it doesn’t take a Jesus follower to work in a Kingdom-minded company—it will be a far more attractive and desirable workplace to just about anyone, regardless of their spiritual inclinations or particular faith tradition. Likewise, it doesn’t take a Jesus follower to implement some of the underlying principles that ultimately come from the Bible, but are just common sense—like treating a co-worker or employee with dignity and kindness. That is the reason I became an author—to provide a guide for you to implement heavenly principles that undoubtedly work, in your workplace.


Scott is a sought-after keynote speaker due to his friendly yet engaging and dynamic style. Scott shares powerful business lessons from his firsthand experience of the many trials, errors, and victories he has experienced trying to make his company, Yakabod, look a little more like Heaven's paradigm each day.
Scott has spoken at various prestigious events including leadership conferences, and for various churches and businesses.

Scott's primary passion is to impart his knowledge of bringing Heaven to work to all leaders and employees around the world, thereby creating ecosystems of the heavenly paradigm in our communities.

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