40 Under 40??

40 Under 40??

Hahaha – total spam marketing fail. In response to a recent instagram post, I received this message:

“Hey, hope you are doing well! We are doing a special feature in collaboration with <advertorial magazine> titled “40 under 40”. (Only people aged below 40 can be featured). If you want to be featured in it to build your authority and establish yourself as an industry leader DM us at <spammer-address>.” And of course, if I was selected, the spammer continued, charges would apply.

I love it. Did the spammer even look at my profile picture? Funny thing is, when I “qualified” for their pitch (nearly 20 years ago!), I might have actually believed them.

At this age, I know better. My authority and leadership cred don’t come from the paid praise and fake fawning of a magazine no one reads. No, it comes from the white in my beard, and moreso, the grace of my Savior.

(Our county Office of Economic Development recently did a 40 Under 40 feature to honor local achievers. Great stuff. Because it was real. The advertorial? Not so much. The Kingdom isn’t “pay to play.” It’s more like “grace to race.” See also Luke 14: 7-11)

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