At Work as in Heaven

Does your Sunday matter on Tuesday?

Is it possible to partner with God in building a company?

and not only why but how

About Scott

Author of at work as in heaven

Scott Ryser is Founder & CEO of Yakabod, a secure case management software company headquartered in beautiful, historic downtown Frederick, Maryland. Scott also serves on a number of regional non-profit and for-profit boards.

In his younger days Scott was producer and lead singer for the modern Christian rock bands Cry of Mercy and milenine, but these days he finds respite in active adventure sports and traveling with his family.

Why read At Work as in Heaven?

Kingdom > kingdom

Can a company look more like the Kingdom of Heaven than the kingdom of this world?

How not Why

This is not a book about “why” you’d want to live out your faith at your workplace.
This is a book about “how.”

Practical Wisdom

This is a transparent, story-driven business book with wisdom benefitting those of all faith perspectives.

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Ken's review...

"Reading Scott's book is like taking a step into Heaven. This practical guidebook will help leaders who wish to make more of their work the work of God. The Yakabod story brings..."
Ken Gosnell
Founder of CEO Experience

Emma's review...

"Scott has shared from his heart not only the wins, but more importantly, where he tried to do things his way instead of His way, all with ‘sit on the edge of your seat' storytelling. As a long-time Board member..."
Emma Morris
Executive Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, and Principal, The Morris Group

David's review...

"As someone who gets to walk with business leaders on their journey to realizing their business as ministry, At Work As In Heaven, is a game-changer. Most Christian business leaders..."
David Weigelt
Principal Chair, C12 Maryland, Former President and Co-Founder, Immersion Active Inc.

At Work as in Heaven Pre-launch Interview

Speaking Engagements

Scott is an active speaker, available to provide keynote topics in a variety of settings such as corporate events, worships events, team-building events, and more.

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